Contraband Police Low FPS: How To Get Stable Performance

Fixing the Contraband Police Low FPS problem is not difficult. This article will explain more about the problem and show you how to solve it.

This police role-playing game allows you to be an officer and perform at the highest level. The game is fun and exciting. But the main character comes down to plot problems and a crime-ridden cop show that can make you feel miserable. For some users, this can be done through normal computer settings. Fortunately, you can customize your data.

Why Did The Contraband Police Low FPS Destroy My Computer?

If you’re experiencing low fps, slow recording, and unstable performance in Contraband Police, it could be:

  • System requirements: Even if you have a decent processor, the framerate will slow down if your computer doesn’t keep up with the game’s requirements.
  • Outdated drivers: The ideal GPU has outdated drivers or the drivers will not work properly.
  • Incorrect settings: If you play with incorrect settings for your PC configuration, you will not be productive.
  • Actions of Others: The actions of other running backs can cause problems in this game.

How To Solve The Low FPS Problem Of Police Subscriptions?

First, you should check the following to avoid any unwanted problems:

  • Check the bootloader system requirements for compatibility with your computer specifications.
  • Turn off other software like antivirus and firewalls to see if that helps.

Now you can follow these steps to solve the problem of low Police Driver FPS:

  1. Renew your driver’s license
  2. Remove unnecessary backend services
  3. Enable game mode
  4. Restore the drive profile
  5. Reinstall the graphics driver
  6. Restore the game information
  7. Turn off sync

1. Renew Your Driver’s License

Duration: 4 minutes

Many people have multiple GPUs or very few FPS problems due to the driver’s time. So it is the best solution to update your display driver is by following these steps:

1. Press Win + X on your keyboard and click Device Manager.

Contraband Police Low FPS: How to Get Stable Performance

2. Expand the displayed investment fields by clicking the arrow button next to them.

Contraband Police Low FPS: How to Get Stable Performance

3. Right-click the card driver and select Edit Driver.

Contraband Police Low FPS: How to Get Stable Performance

4. Click the search button to search for available drivers.
5. Do the work.

2. Remove Unnecessary Backend Services

1. Press CTRL+Shift+Esc on your keyboard to open Task Manager.
2. Go to the system
3. Click Process, and then click Finish Task.

Contraband Police Low FPS: How to Get Stable Performance

In this way, you will eliminate all unnecessary operations. This will free up resources in the system so runners can use more computing power. So you get the best FPS.

3. Enable Game Mode

1. Press Win + I to open Windows Setup.
2. Go to Games and click Game Type.
3. To do this, turn on the switch next to Sports.

Contraband Police Low FPS: How to Get Stable Performance

Available in Windows 10 and 11, it optimizes Windows to improve your gaming experience.

4. Restore The Drive Profile

1. Go to the device manager as usual.
2. Right-click the driver and click
3. Go to the Driver
4. Press Back to drive.

Contraband Police Low FPS: How to Get Stable Performance

Follow the on-screen steps to complete the process.

5. Reinstall The Graphic Driver 

5.1 Driver Download

1. In Device Manager, right-click the graphics card driver and click Uninstall.
2. Check it out and click the uninstall button to install the driver for this device.

Contraband Police Low FPS: How to Get Stable Performance

3. Restart the Windows Phone.

5.2 Replacement

1. Go to the AMD, Intel, or NVIDIA driver download page for your GPU.
2. Select a map template and click.

Contraband Police Low FPS: How to Get Stable Performance

3. Download and install the driver.

6. Restore The Game Information

1. Open the Steam
2. Go to the theater library.
3. Right-click Contraband Police and click Properties.
4. Get local information.
5. Click Check Game Information for accuracy.

Contraband Police Low FPS: How to Get Stable Performance

The cancellation process can take some time depending on many factors. However, it is a very positive impact in solving the government’s problem of low shipping costs.

7. Turn Off Vsync

1. Open the NVIDIA Control Panel or similar program based on your GPU.
2. Manage 3D settings.
3. Find a standing sink and turn it off.

Contraband Police Low FPS: How to Get Stable Performance

4. Restart your phone and computer.

On the other hand, you can stop offline communication through Contraband Police Low FPS game settings.

More Information:

If you are still having problems with the game and the game is not stable, consider taking the following steps:

  • The police are moving.
  • Turn off the in-game protection.
  • Upgrade Windows to the latest version.
  • Remove other suspicious software.

This statement can also apply to the current version of the game. In this case, you have to wait for another update.

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