How To Fix The Conan Exiles Black Screen On Start-Up

Since its release, players have been complaining about problems with the game, including the Conan Exiles Black Screen on Start-Up being rendered.

This problem occurs on many gaming consoles and Windows. Fortunately, the gaming industry is working hard to find a solution, and if you’re still looking, this article will help you solve the problem.

Why Won’t My Conan Exiles Start?

  • Old or incorrect GPU drivers: Old or incorrect GPU drivers can restrict the performance of your graphics card and affect the performance of the game.
  • Incorrect or missing game data: Viruses or other malicious programs can affect your game data and may prevent you from starting your game.
  • Server Error: Conan Exiles can cause the game to start with a black screen due to server issues.
  • Invalid Configuration Requirement: Conn EXILE will initially display a black screen if your computer does not meet the basic requirements.

How To Fix Conan Exiles’ Black Screen In The First Place?

Before troubleshooting, verification must be done first, for example, that your network connection is stable, allowing any programs to be restarted and any software to be restarted. You need to make sure your computer meets the minimum requirements to play Conan Exiles.

If the initial black screen in the battle still persists after the first test, let’s go to this solution:

1. Update Your GPU Driver

 the Conan Exiles Black Screen on Start-Up, you should update your graphics driver to the latest graphics version. To update your GPU drivers on a Windows PC, do the following:

1. Press theWindows key + X and select Device Manager from the menu

How to Fix the Conan Exiles Black Screen on Start-Up

2. Click and expand the Display Settings option
3. Right-click on the graphics card and select Update Driver

How to Fix the Conan Exiles Black Screen on Start-Up4. Select automatic check to update the driver configuration

How to Fix the Conan Exiles Black Screen on Start-Up5. Windows will check for possible updates and post them when possible
6. After completing the process, restart the computer

2. Check The Accuracy Of The Game Data

The integrity of your game will bring the integrity of your message back to Connion and Conan’s place. This can be done via Steam using the following steps:

1. Click on Steam client and open it on your computer
2. Log in to your game account
3. Search for Conan the Exile in the Library tab
4. Conan Click the right mouse button and select an adjective
5. Select the Local Files tab and click the Check Game Integrity button

How to Fix the Conan Exiles Black Screen on Start-Up6. Steam will look at your game information and compare it to those on the Steam servers.
7. If files are lost or corrupted, Par will replace them with new files.

3. Clear The Game Cache

Another way to solve the black screen problem in the first place is to clear the cache and cookies. Game cache files can prevent Conan Exiles from launching or cause a black screen on startup. Here are the steps to upload the game archive:

1. Start a customer group and log in to your account
2. Go to the Library section and search for Conan Exiles
3. Conan Click the right mouse button and select an adjective
4. Click the Local Files tab
5. Click the Remove Local Game Content button
6. Make sure you finish clicking the game file.
7. Play Conan Captives again

Please note that clearing the game cache will delete all game data, and save game data and settings, so you have to reinstall the game and you will lose all achievements.

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Finally, updating your GPU driver will fix the black screen and boot issues and improve the performance of the game. If you have any other questions, please comment below.

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