Fix for Apex Legends Unknown File Version

Apex Legends a shooter that combines elements of the Fortnite-like game with Battle Royale and Overwatch shooters, became a hot topic over the summer. A new game, Apex Legends Unknown File Version, prevents young people from committing crimes. At the same time, the game doesn’t always start. This is an unknown engine bug in Apex Legends that seems to fix the game. The game will not start and crash because it will display the message that caused the problem. Fortunately, the error is unknown, so in this guide, we’ll explain how you can troubleshoot the problem.

Why Am I Getting An Unknown Error Message In Apex Legends?

Ever wonder why the file type is an unknown error in Apex Legends? Let’s give the specific reasons:

  • Game distribution problems
  • The internet connection is unstable
  • Corrupted or lost game files
  • Also GPU driver
  • Problems with third-party antivirus protection

How To Import Apex Legends Unknown File Version Types?

It’s best to do this simple thing first:

  • Make sure your computer meets Apex Legends requirements.
  • Play the game as a leader.
  • Upgrade Windows to the latest version.
  • Remove all traces (via Administrator).

Do you have any problems? Then do the following:

  • View and edit game information
  • Run your oven and disinfectant for a while
  • This time it has begun
  • data recovery process
  • Apex Legends is installed

1. View And Edit Dame Information

Duration: 3 minutes

We recommend checking the game file, this will fix the Apex Legends Unknown File Version unknown file type bug. Honest file validation will check all game files and replace any missing files.

1. Open the Steam client: Go to the library to find Apex Legends games.
2. Right-click Apex Legends: Select Properties from the menu.

Fix for Apex Legends Unknown File Version

3. Navigate to local DOCSIS: Click Check Game Information for accuracy. Wait until the certification is completed.

Fix for Apex Legends Unknown File Version

4. Restart your phone and computer: Run Apex Legends to get a “file type unknown” error.

2. Temporarily Remove The Oven And Disinfectant

Windows firewall and antivirus can cause game issues if not set up properly. You have two options for security: add the game to the firewall or temporarily disable it. We recommend that you find a quick way to temporarily disable file protection and see if that fixes the error. They do this:

1. Press the Windows key + R on your keyboard to display the Run dialog box.
2. Type of model; firewall. Cpl and click Apply.

Fix for Apex Legends Unknown File Version

3. Select to turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off.

Fix for Apex Legends Unknown File Version

4. Check the All radio button – enable Windows Defender Firewall.

Fix for Apex Legends Unknown File Version

5. To disable the Antivirus, click Windows Start and select Settings.
6. Select Update and Security in Windows Settings.

Fix for Apex Legends Unknown File Version

7. Selection, prevention, and control of diseases.

Fix for Apex Legends Unknown File Version

8. Stop treatment early.

Fix for Apex Legends Unknown File Version

3. Update Drivers

If you forget to update your drivers, be aware that outdated drivers can be the cause of the “unknown file type” error in Apex Legends. GPU, network driver, sound card, mouse, and so on. We recommend updating the main game drivers as soon as possible. You can do this manually:

1. Right-click the Windows Start button and select Device Manager.

2. Double-click to expand the driver group.

3. Right-click the Properties tab and click Change Driver.
4. Search for available drivers and wait for the upgrade to complete.

4. System Data Recovery

If you have unfamiliar files in Apex Legends, some DLL files may be corrupted or lost. In this case, you can try to fix it using the Windows System File Checker (SFC) utility.

1. Types of animals; Type cmd into the Windows search bar to find the command directly.
2. Right-click on the search bar and select Run as administrator.

Fix for Apex Legends Unknown File Version

3. Type of sample; sfc /scan now command and press Enter.

Fix for Apex Legends Unknown File Version

4. Wait for SFC to scan the main drive to retrieve corrupted or missing files.
5. Re-start your phone and computer and run the game until the error disappears.

5. Restart Apex Legends

Still not fixed “file type unknown” bug in Apex Legends? Then install the game as a last option. Game files can be corrupted or deleted beyond repair without reinstalling them. That way, when you download it, you will have all the necessary game features.

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