How to Fix Ark Not Loading When It Doesn’t Respond or Crash

In Fix Ark Not Loading: Survival Evolution, you will survive in a world full of roaming dinosaurs. This game was released in the original version a few days ago, so there are many bugs and problems.

The most popular ARK: Survival Evolved errors faced by players today: screen problems (no loading area), random crashes, the game won’t start, low fps, and other minor problems.

Why won’t ARK Loading to My Computer?

There are many reasons why ARK games cannot be installed on your computer, so things like uninstalling backup software, outdated drivers, or corrupt files can be considered.

As a result, many players have reported stories where ARK is stuck on the PC loading screen or ARK is stuck on the loading screen.

It is also important that many players do not accept ARK’s download mode, which makes the game crash.

Why Is My ARK Not Responding?

  • It is possible that ARK may not respond when loaded for the same reasons as above, such as older drivers.
  • Additionally, starting the game without proper controls can cause ARK to crash or start incorrectly.

Why Does ARK Crash When I Start It?

If you are having trouble starting ARK: Survival Evolution, it may be due to a lack of hard disk space, incorrect game files, or you need to update the device driver image.

How To Fix Ark Not Loading?

Duration: 5 Minutes

  1.  Restart The Game (Preview)
  2. Update the Graphics Card Driver
  3.  Run The Launcher As Administrator
  4. Check The Accuracy Of The Game Data
  5.  Close Background Apps

Before you start troubleshooting, make sure your computer meets the game’s minimum requirements. Check out the steps below:


  • Operating system: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or Windows 8 64-bit
  • Processor: 64-bit 2.0 GHz dual-core CPU
  • Storage: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX11 GPU compatible with 1 GB video RAM
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Hard Drive: 20 GB of free hard drive space

Let us come and solve your problems. Below is a list of bugs reported by players in Fix Ark Not Loading: Survival Evolved.

You will have a solution or solution for every problem. After applying this solution, your problem will be solved and you can play the game. Find the next issue below!

1. Restart The Game (Preview).

  • If you encounter ARK on the loading screen, the best solution is to immediately close the game and restart it.
  • If your game problems are due to software or hardware reasons, this solution will help you solve the problem.

2. Update the Graphics Card Driver

1. Open Device Manager by typing Windows Start.

How to Fix Ark Not Loading When It Doesn't Respond or Crash

2. Select Show Adapters and click to expand.

How to Fix Ark Not Loading When It Doesn't Respond or Crash

3. Right-click on the device screen and select Update driver

How to Fix Ark Not Loading When It Doesn't Respond or Crash

4. Select Automatically search for drivers.
5. Restart the computer to complete the update.

Additionally, you can install or update graphics drivers to remove and fix ARK loading screen crashes.

Outbyte Driver Updater is the best software to do this, so follow these steps to do it and fix the ARK error:

1. Download and install the software.
2. Run a program to scan your system.
3. Update all drivers now to start the process.
4. Wait for all drivers to update and close the software.

3. Run The Launcher As Administrator

1. Right-click on the game launcher and select Properties.
2. Enter default mode.
3. Select this program as an administrator.

How to Fix Ark Not Loading When It Doesn't Respond or Crash

4. Then click Apply to save the changes.
5. Close the window and restart the game.

4. Check The Accuracy Of The Game Data

1. Open the game launch app.
2. Go to your library and click on ARK Games.
3. Click on Properties.

How to Fix Ark Not Loading When It Doesn't Respond or Crash

4. Access Local Files and Monitor Game File Integrity.

How to Fix Ark Not Loading When It Doesn't Respond or Crash

5. Wait for the result if your data has been compromised.

5. Close Background Apps

1. open the task manager from the taskbar.

How to Fix Ark Not Loading When It Doesn't Respond or Crash

2. On the Programs tab, find the program that is using the most resources.
3. Right-click on the program.

How to Fix Ark Not Loading When It Doesn't Respond or Crash

4. Repeat the process for all unused services.

ARK: Another Persistent Bug To Launch On PC Survival

ARK: 99% Blocked Download Evolution Survival

The problem is due to Steam blocking, the game download is finished but Steam is blocked. Some players have downloaded the latest update of the game and they can’t do anything while downloading the game patch. Follow the instructions below to resolve the issue.

Solution: You can solve the download problem by clicking the “Finish” button and you will get complete download information or you can restart Steam. If you’re getting a download error while downloading the update, the best solution is to restart the Steam client and download the update again.

ARK: Surviving the Amazing Obstacles

How to Fix Ark Not Loading When It Doesn't Respond or Crash

When you start the game, you will get a fatal error and you will not be able to start because of this problem. The latest version of the game, 247.81, seems to have the same problem. After the loading screen is completed, the game will crash and bring you back to the desktop.

Solution: The solution to this problem is simple. Go to the Local Content folder. Here, right-click on your game and go to Properties, and on the Local Information tab, click View Local Information. Then go to Engine > Plugins> Runtime > OculSrift > and delete the OculSrift file from that folder. This should solve your problem.

ARK: Survival Develop APPCRSH

This is a classic problem that can be solved by changing the game compatibility mode and Windows Service Pack. If you don’t know what to do, follow the solution below and it will solve your problem.

Solution: Steam/SteamApps/Share/ARK: Games: Right-click on the folder of Survival Evolution and go to Properties. Change the installation mode of Windows Service Pack 1 here.

ARK: Launching a Changeable Boot Screen

Perhaps because of the new update, players are facing a blank screen when they try to log into the server. They also lack sportsmanship.

“I know I’m not the first to complain about this but I paid for this game and can’t play. Like most people I’m stuck on the loading screen. Please help friends!”

“So how long does this game take to load? Because I’ve been sitting there for over 40 minutes and it’s still loading. That would be great if you have hard to tell.”

Fix: This bug was fixed in the latest game update. If you are having this problem, please update your game.

ARK: Avoiding The Failure Of Evolutionary Theory

For some players, the game crashes when you try to open, connect to the server, or play for every 10 minutes.

“I got into the game in five seconds.. Then it crashed or went to the main menu and I could restart.”

“Used to connect to the server, somewhere, and the game crashes on the loading screen. I’ve checked the memory.But all .log files are empty. “

Solution: You need to change the compatibility mode to Windows Service Pack 1 and restart the game. If this doesn’t work for you, try updating your GPU drivers.

Fatal Error If you encounter this problem, follow the attached user guide to resolve it:

The first failure was that I had a local file system partition and found 6 files that needed to be replaced. I replaced them and the game loaded but crashed again at the settings screen. I went straight to the .ini file


As far as I can see it is 1600×1000 resolution… terrible resolution. So I changed to the original resolution of 2560×1440. Then I noticed that the other 7 ini 8 files were empty, so I moved them to the CleanSourceConfigs folder in the Config folder. Then I edit the main file in input.ini.

After doing this, the game took 4 hours. I think this unusual solution may be the root of some people’s problems. Note: After clicking the .ini file, everything else will be empty except GameUserSettings.ini and input.ini.

ARK: Survival Evolved The Game Will Not Start

This is also a game bug, when you start the game nothing happens and you can’t log into the game. Click on Games in the Steam library, the game won’t start and you can’t do anything to start it from the Steam interface.

It can be called in social context:

  1. Right-click on Box: Rescue Shortcuts and select Properties.
  2. Go to the Default tab.
  3. Run this application in interactive mode and select Windows 7 Service Pack 1 from the list.
  4. Click Apply and OK to save your changes.
  5. Then play.
  • Another solution may be to run the game from the installation folder. Go to the folder where you installed ARK and run the game in admin mode.

ARK: Save low FPS

You can solve this problem by changing some game options and it will run successfully at 60FPS, this is:

Solution: Go to the game menu and go to options, set the resolution to minimum and you will have 50-60fps all the time.

Try Restoring The Visual C++ Assignment:

  1. Go To ..\steamapps\Common\Ark\_CommonRedist\vcredist.
  2. Run the installer from this folder to install the Visual C++ distribution.
  3. Once this is done, start the game and see if the problem has been solved.

We hope that our article will help you solve the problem of Fix Ark Not Loading Survival Evolution so that you can play and enjoy it now.

If you face any problems or have any questions, use the comments below and we will help you improve your game.

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