Here’s How To Fix Atomic Heart Not Starting Up

If there is an internal problem with your computer, fix Atomic Heart not starting up. But if you follow the plan, you can manage the game without any problems.

The nuclear heart fails when activated or opened at all. If this happens, you should first know that you are suffering from at least this problem.

What Is The Heart Of An Atomic?

If you cannot install the game, it could be due to one of the following problems:

Note: If you can’t play games on your PC, the first thing that can cause problems is your PC settings.

  • Corrupted game files: If your Atomic Heart installation is corrupt for any reason, the game will not run.
  • Missing: Leaving some important games on your PC can cause this problem.
  • Driver problems: The main reason for the problems you are experiencing can be due to driver problems. Specifically, the cause may be a problem for drivers.
  • Other Services: Some other services may also be charged.

What Should I Do If My Nuclear Heart Won’t Start?

Do the following before following our manual:

  • Make sure your computer meets Atomic Core requirements.
  • Turn off your antivirus on your computer and see if that helps.
  • Be sure to install Atom Heart.

Now follow these instructions to fix Atom Heart:

1. Insert The Missing Visual C++ Partition

1. Navigate to the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable page.
2. Click the appropriate code link.
3. Install it on your computer.
4. Restart the Windows Phone.

2. Enter The Default DirectX Runtime

1. Go to the DirectX download page.
2. Download Runtime Installer.

Here's how to fix Atomic Heart not starting up

3. Install it on your computer.
4. Restart the Windows Phone.

3. Change rivers

1. PressWin + X on your keyboard and click Device Manager.
2. The visual adapter is extended.
3. Right-click the driver icon and click Update Driver.

Here's how to fix Atomic Heart not starting up

4. Click Search for Drivers and complete the upgrade.

4. Restore The Game Information

1. Open living room.
2. Right-click on Atom Heart and go to Properties.

Here's How To Fix Atomic Heart Not Starting Up

3. Click on the local file on the left.
4. Click Check Game Information for accuracy.

This process will take time. However, this will fix corrupt game files and help get rid of the atomic boot issue.

5. Clear The Client Cache

1. In Steam, tap Steam and go to your location.
2. Go to the download tab.
3. Click the Clear Download Cache

Here's How To Fix Atomic Heart Not Starting Up

4. Payment room.

If you want to download this game in Epic Games Launcher, Xbox App, etc. If you install it on other launchers, for example, clear the cache.

6. Preparation

1. Press Win + X on the keyboard and select Terminal (Admin).
2. Typesfc /scan and press Enter.

Here's How To Fix Atomic Heart Not Starting Up

3. Please wait a moment for this project to be completed.

This function will scan and save files. All this work will take time to complete. Once you’ve done that, run Atomic Heart and see if it works.

7. Clear The Drawers

1. Look for Windows.
2. Typemsconfig and press Enter.
3. Go to the services
4. Click to hide all Microsoft services and close them all.

Here's How To Fix Atomic Heart Not Starting Up

5. Use it and fix
6. Finally, restart Windows to get to a clean start.

Now try to run fix Atomic Heart not starting up. You will do it. If not, adjust the settings to start at home.

Additional Steps: Fix Atomic Heart Not Starting Up

If a problem arises, you can do the following:

  • Upgrade Windows to the latest version.
  • Reinstall the game on the SSD.
  • Check your computer for malware.
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