How To Fix Clash Artifacts Of Chaos Stuck On Loading Screen

If you can’t play Clash Artifacts of Chaos Stuck on Loading Screen, don’t worry. This article gives you the best solution.

Unlike other games, games have different concepts. Also, this story-traveling RPG could be an interesting addition to the arcade. But if you don’t download it on a PC, you lose the game.

Why Does Clash: Artifacts Of Chaos Take Forever To Load?

Below are some reasons for this type of problem:

  • What to do: Don’t be fooled after watching the big game. If your computer does not meet the requirements, it will not be included.
  • Loose Clash: Artifacts of Chaos can freeze even if you insert random items.
  • Graphics Driver Issues: Old or inactive graphics drivers can be the reason why the game freezes on the stock screen.
  • Corrupted game files: If the game configuration files are corrupted, you may face problems like the Artifact of Chaos crashing or getting on the loading screen.
  • Disk Issues: Your game may take a long time to load due to slow performance, poor performance, and other disk-related issues.

How To Fix Clash Artifacts Of Chaos Stuck On Loading Screen?

If you can’t play this game simply because it’s not pre-unlocked, then you should check out the classic version of Clash: Artifacts of Chaos first. Then follow these quick steps:

  • Turn off your antivirus on your computer.
  • Install the live version of Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable.
  • Restart your phone and computer.

Now follow these steps to completely solve your problem:

  1. edit the graphics card
  2. Clear the cache
  3. Fix disk problems
  4. fix clash: artifacts of chaos
  5. clean the boot
  6. Repeat the game

1. Edit The Graphics Card

1. Type device manager in the Windows search box and press Enter.
2. The visual adapter is extended.
3. Right-click on your GPU driver and click Update Driver.
4. Click Search for Drivers and complete the upgrade.

2. Clear The Cache

1. Open the Steam software.
2. Click on Steam at the top of the navigation bar and go to Settings as shown in the screenshot.
3. Go to the Downloads tab and click Clear Download Cache.
4. Restart Steam.

3. Fix Disk Problems

1. Turn on the computer.
2. Right-click on the drive where you installed Clash: Artifact of Chaos and go to Properties.
3. Go to the Tools tab.
4. Click the Redo button.
5. Click Scan Disk.
6. Wait for this task to complete.

4. Fix Clash: Artifacts Of Chaos 

Duration: 5 minutes

If the problem: corrupted installation files, you may find that the Clash Artifacts Of Chaos Stuck On Loading Screen. You then need to restore your game data to fix this problem.

1. Enter your Steam games library.
2. Right-click on Chaos: Artifacts of Chaos and go to Properties.
3. Go to the local files and check the integrity of the game files.
4. Wait for the extraction process to complete.

5. Clean The Boot 

1. Press Win + R to open the run.
2. Type msconfig and click OK.
3. Go to the Services tab.
4. Check the box next to Hide all Microsoft Services and click Disable All.
5. Use it and fix it.
6. Restart the Windows Phone.

Now do Clash: Artifacts of Chaos and see if it still fails. Otherwise, other companies may cause the problem. We recommend that you run the tasks one at a time within the configuration window until you find the problem. then uninstall the affected software.

6. Restart The Game

1. In your Steam games folder, right-click Kuko: Artifact of Chaos, go to Manage, and click Clear.
2. Click the Install button to download and install the game.
3. Select Game Settings.
4. Click the next icon.
5. Do the work.

After replacing it, you will not face any problems. However, we recommend installing it on an SSD for best performance.

If the problem persists, you can update Windows. Also, uninstall suspicious software and see if that helps.

This article explains how to solve the Clash Artifacts of Chaos Stuck on Loading Screen.

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