Warzone 2 on PC Keeps Crashing: 9 Ways To Fix It Permanently

Warzone 2 on PC Keeps Crashing? Falling is one of the hardest obstacles you will encounter in the game and you must overcome it. This can be frustrating when you’re in a tough fight in Warzone 2 and the game crashes.

Gamers have reported that the Warzone 2 on PC Keeps Crashing issue is happening on platforms like PC, Xbox, PS4, and PS5. Players also need to remember that pressure is evident early in the game, in the middle, every game, and after the turnover.

Fixing the COD Warzone 2 crash issue is not easy. We carefully measure and remember what is best for you.

Why Is Warzone 2 Falling Apart?

Warzone 2 at the start, midgame, settings, menus, and so on. For old GPU drivers or bad game files. In addition, your computer may not meet the game’s requirements.

We will show you some troubleshooting solutions for crashes in Warzone 2 that you should try before solving the problem that the game freezes or crashes.

Warzone 2 is a game that requires hardware and software, so you have to keep everything up-to-date and functional so that the game doesn’t crash.

How To Fix Warzone 2 PC Problems?

To solve the problem of Warzone 2 crashing on a PC, you can either update the drivers or use the Steam or Battle.Net software repair tool. You can also find step-by-step instructions on the given task and useful solutions for other players.

If the Warzone 2 service fails on your PC, you will have to restart the game before the update appears.

Temporary errors caused by cookies and persistent cache or other system software affecting the game will disappear and the game will be restarted.

  1. determine the minimum system requirement
  2. Renewal of driver’s license
  3. Windows Update
  4. Clear the GPU cache
  5. Repeat the game
  6. Stop the program if not necessary
  7. Repair corrupt game files
  8. Turn off security or activate Warzone 2
  9. Install an old or stable version of your GPU driver

1. Determine The Minimum System Requirements

First of all, COD Warzone 2 can run on your Windows PC. If your computer does not meet the minimum requirements, it must meet the requirements. If your computer does not follow these instructions, COD Warzone 2 will play multiple times.

2. Renewal Of Driver’s License

Sometimes I see people report Warzone 2 crashes and it looks like the graphics drivers are outdated. Updating your driver’s license is easy by visiting the official website:

  • NVIDIA controller
  • AMD Drivers

Duration: 4 minutes

If you have problems with your game, one of the first things you should do is update your computer’s drivers and operating system. Trusted databases as a function are also supported. Update your GPU driver using Device Manager:

1. Find Device Manager and open the program.

Warzone 2 on PC Keeps Crashing: 9 Ways to Fix It Permanently
2. Expand the display adapter, right-click the one you are using, and select Update Driver.

Warzone 2 on PC Keeps Crashing: 9 Ways to Fix It Permanently
3. Choose drivers on your own.

Warzone 2 on PC Keeps Crashing: 9 Ways to Fix It Permanently
4. Restart your phone and computer.
5. Update and install out-byte drivers.
6. Run hard and it will start scanning.
7. Click Open and get ready to fix the error.

3. Windows Update

If you are experiencing the Warzone 2 crash problem on your PC, make sure you have installed the Windows 10/11 update and follow these steps:

1. Press Win + I to view settings.
2. Click the Windows Update tab, and then click the check for Updates

Warzone 2 on PC Keeps Crashing: 9 Ways to Fix It Permanently3. Click the Install Now button if there is an update.

4. Clear The GPU Cache

If you’re experiencing crashes when downloading Warzone 2, your GPU cache may contain incorrect data. The best way to solve this problem is to add a GPU cache to %localappdata%. Learn how to do this by following these steps:

1. Open File Explorer.

Warzone 2 on PC Keeps Crashing: 9 Ways to Fix It Permanently
2. Type the following command in the address field and press Enter %localappdata%.

Warzone 2 on PC Keeps Crashing: 9 Ways to Fix It Permanently
3. Find the NVIDIA folder, open it, then open the DXCache folder and extract all the contents.

4. Go back, open the GLCache folder, and delete all the contents.

Warzone 2 on PC Keeps Crashing: 9 Ways to Fix It Permanently
5. Navigate back to the %localappdata% folder, locate and open the NVidia Corporation

Warzone 2 on PC Keeps Crashing: 9 Ways to Fix It Permanently6. Open the NV_Cache folder and delete all the files in this folder.

Warzone 2 on PC Keeps Crashing: 9 Ways to Fix It Permanently7. Restart your phone and computer.

5. Repeat The Game

If none of these methods work, try this option – restart the game. I know a lot of people are uncomfortable doing this because it involves restarting the game.

While complex privacy problems cannot be solved through problem-solving techniques, sometimes they can be solved through efficiency.

6. Stop The Program If Not Necessary

Having a lot of programs running in the background on your computer while running COD could be why Warzone 2 crashed in the first place.

If you need more resources like RAM and CPU, turn off background processes that you don’t use during the game. Being a CPU- and graphics-intensive game, COD Warzone 2 requires a lot of resources.

Using the manager, you can access CPU-dependent background programs and you can complete the task and continue enjoying the game. Here’s what you do:

1. OpenServer (Change + Ctrl + Esc).
2. On the system tab, look at the CPU, memory, and disk columns. Your computer is running too many resources and working hard if one of these errors is 100% correct.
3. Select the application that is using your CPU and you don’t need and click the End button to close it.

Warzone 2 on PC Keeps Crashing: 9 Ways to Fix It Permanently

7. Repair Corrupt Game Files

The most common scenario is when you launch Warzone 2. However, this can be easily fixed and will help verify the accuracy of your game data. If you don’t know what to do, follow these steps:

Steam Users:

1. Open the Steam client, go to Library, and click on Warzone 2.
2. Select Tools and click the Local Data
3. Click on thegame information and check for accuracy.

Battle.net Users:

1. Open the Battle.net client and select Warzone 2.
2. Click the space bar next to the Play button and select Scan and Restore.
3. Click Start Download.

8. Turn Off Security Or Activate Warzone 2

Before opening the service line, check if the Windows Firewall is preventing the game from playing properly. However, it is possible to play the game through the firewall to fix the flaw that caused Warzone 2 on PC to keep crashing Follow these steps to learn how to do this.

Open Warzone 2 in Windows Firewall

1. To start Warzone 2, press Win + S and then click Firewall.
2. Click Firewall and Network Security.
3. Run the app through the firewall and search for Warzone 2.
4. Otherwise, click Switch and allow another application.
5. Search the Warzone 2 folder and search for the .exe.
6. If they are added, search the game again and check them both.
7. OK, click on this.

Turn off the fuse

1. PressWin + S again, but type Control Panel.
2. Log in to System and Security.
3. Select the Windows Defender Firewall.
4. Locate and select the turn Windows Defender icon.
5. Select both options and click OK.

Warzone 2 was released today.

9. Install An Old Or Stable Version Of Your GPU Driver

If you recently updated your GPU driver and Warzone 2 crashes on your PC, try reinstalling your GPU driver afterward. To do this, check the forums to see if your driver is stable, and check the Nvidia, AMD, or Intel websites.

When you find a stable version, download it, uninstall the current one, and install the previous one.

Fixed Warzone 2 crash issues:

If Warzone 2 continues to crash and none of the above solutions work, you may have some performance issues. Check out this solution to fix this:

1. Run SFC scan: win + s> run command as administrator > type sfc /scannow.
2. They are XMP.
3. Configure the BIOS.
4. Water the supplement.

One Final Thought

Warzone 2 crashing in any game is a problem that can be caused by a number of things, including outdated GPU drivers, bad game files, or an incompatible computer.

Hopefully one of the above solutions will help you solve your Warzone 2 crash problem. If not, you can also check out our expert tips on how to prevent dangerous sports.

However, if you are still experiencing crashes, please contact support or wait while staff wait for an update.

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